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regarding the language....

It's Brasilian Portuguese.

The opening screen with a good bit of text states that the "final test" wasn't exactly the last test and that after that there were more tests, which they are now going to show. The screens after each weapon provide you with the name, efficiency, and whether or not it's recommended.

regarding the language....

It's Brasilian Portuguese.

The screens after each "test" just run down the weapon name, efficiency, and whether it's recommended or not. One of the opening screens points out that in Weapon Test 1, the guy only tested the weapons and, that in this one, you will see how they really work.

To the author:

Fala cara! De que parte do Brasil voce e?


That animation of the glass falling out of the window was done very well. :-)

Definitely flesh out the character and add more nemesis, arch villains, etc. You never know, this could be a great flash series if you want and do it well.

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Decent puzzler

This is a decent puzzler. Seems like it would be particularly suitable for mobile platforms given its simple, touch-and-move controls.

The music is a little bit repetitive, however. Only played a few levels, so apologies if this idea is implemented, but possibly consider adding enemies to the mix to spice of game play later on in the levels.

Keep on!



Great graphics and I love some of the gameplay elements like using the spinning jump to climb!

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It's good. I can see some potential for a "real-time" RPG battle system here.

My suggestions:

- With proper timing, you can use the attack function to act as a dodge. This renders the dodge function not "useless", but definitely not as needed. I would look into a rock-paper-scissors type mechanic which would make one have to use a bit more skill to beat an enemy. For example - if both enemies attack, then nullify the damage to either party.

Or, for further depth, let's say the enemy shot his "fireball" attack and I pressed the attack button [which makes me run toward the enemy]. The fireball should hit me as I go to it, thus nullifying my attack. In short, "stronger" attack wins over "weaker" attack.

Fire Emblem has the triangle system [Sword beats Axe, Axe beats Lance, Lance beats Sword, etc.]. Perhaps play around with an idea like that - Fireball beats Attack, Enemy's Regular Attack nullifies Attack, etc.

- An option to map functions to the keyboard. Quicker reaction time in pressing two keys than moving a mouse up and down between options.

Good deal, keep on making games!


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