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Funny_K-Fed Funny_K-Fed

Rated 1 / 5 stars

It's been done.

The problem with this is that it has already been seen in various incarnations including, but not limited too, "Boneless Girl". Games of this nature aren't very hard to come by.

The menus were a bit bland, simple white background with purple and green letters, but they got the job done.

Maybe add some sounds for when K-fed hits the objects and such, a different variety.

Good job with the physics in the game of how he fell and interacted with the objects. While it's been done before, the game is good for passing the time for at least a little while. Still, it's nothing that hasn't been seen before, regardless of whether you change the person or not.

Still, keep projects coming. It's not a bad start, just not original. But remakes are very popular these days. ;-)


flen responds:

I sorry you did not like it. But the Graphics (in my view) shouldn't be a 4. More like an 8.
I agree sound wasn't that great, but I didn't have any good CDs or internet at the time of making. Sorry. :)
I thought interactivity was at least a 7. I don't understant these two, Violence and Humor. How is the violence um... 1? And humor? Ok.
But anyway thank you so much for the review. :)